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The conversations between narrative drawing and organic shapes of clay


Free-hand carved stoneware 

I work primarily with hand-built and thrown high-fire stoneware with free-hand carved and inlay decorative slips/underglazes. The illustrated works celebrate different carving techniques (Kehua in Chinese, or sgraffito in the western term) on organic vessels.


Open narratives of
stream of consciousness

My ceramics search for conversations and mutual encouragement between the object and my drawings/paintings are deeply inspired by Taoism and Phenomenology philosophy. Rather than following a well-planed blueprint, I let the shape of the clay and drawing determine the composition. Like a spreading vine, her expressive pictures find ways to shape the object, forming the outlines and content, vice versa, to capture the flow of consciousness, stories and emotions. Instead of searching for uniformity and certainty, they call for a curiosity of the unknown, abnormal and asymmetrical. They create an open and often circular narrative that offer up an alternative way of telling stories.


How did the journey traveling multiple mediums inspired and formed my arts? A new film From Paper to Clay has been uploaded on YouTube!

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