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​Northern Landscapes: Picture Poems

The poems of dislocations

Northern Landscapes: Picture Poems is one of three sections of the collaborative exhibition of Newcastle Poetry Festival in Ex Libris Gallery, 2016. I worked with PhD poets from Creative Writing Bernadette McAloon and Joanna Brooks. It exhibited a group of video projections, drawings and objects based on our collaborative autobiographical narratives. It was also a part of the group show Imaginary Chasms curated by Lungs Project in Gosforth Civic Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2018. While only the video projections and drawings were displayed.


The installation played with the scale of drawings and projections, which attempted to trigger bodily engagement and active exploration. The audience was supposed to look closely at the small-scale projection on objects in the corner and up at the life-scale seagull projections ‘hovering’ on the ceiling. Each part carried rich referential information waiting to be configured into an open-end narrative reflecting on the transformed landscape and the fragility of human memory.

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