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By No Definition

Bonds and transformation

By No Definition is a single-screen video installation work made in 2015. The work consists of three identical HD animations projected as a full image on a U-shape wall (2.4×5m for each side) installed in the studio 1.17, accompanied by independent soundtracks made by Adam Potts and Ben McVinnie.


The animation video (14 min) has three main episodes made from animated drawings inspired by my memories in a garden. Each episode metaphorically represented a story implying the transforming identities and the dramatic social changes in the 1990s, Taiyuan City, China. The garden, which is the only architecture, place and material memory survived in the overwhelming social reformation, witnessing the potential danger of separation between friends and family and the irreversible loss of inter-person bonds of traditional community culture.


The spacious darkness and the heavy, disturbing noise soundtrack echo with the tension implied by my self-narrative animation. The audience was cut of the mundane and locked in the pit of alienation and isolation by the enveloping size of the projections.

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