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A hand- build and carved stoneware pot with original designs on all sides. Signed by the artist.


Size: 23.6 x 9.6x 5.8 cm (about)

My Harvest, pot/vase

  • Kindly note:

    All of Qi Fang Colbert Studio ceramics are made by hand, and are unique works of art. Please keep in mind that since all the ceramics are handmade, they may have small variations and the precise colours and finish will look diiferent from the photographs shown. Please allow for slight variations in measurement and shapes for each ceramic piece, as they are all custom handmade.


    Shipping and Delivery:

    Please allow 3-5 days to process (UK). Normally items are delivered in 3-5 days and charged by weight of item. To get an international shipping outside of GB, please contact me via before shopping.


    How to care:

    My ceramics are fired to 1220 centigrades (cone 6) with food-safe glaze and are therefore suitable to be microwaved or washed in a dishwasher. However, I do reccomend that as each work contains delicate decorations, it is ideally cared for and washed gently by hand.

    How I make my ceramics: 

    All of my ceramics are handmade in my studio in Northumberland. The work is made in singular, or small batches (no more than 3 pieces) with my original designs created in my sketchbooks, showing a strong connection with my works on paper. Each item (except batch sales) tells a unique visual story exploring nature, history, myths and humanity.

    Each work is hand thrown or slab built, hand-carved with fine needles and knives, signed, dried, bisque fired, coloured and glazed with food-safe glazes, then fired to 1220 degrees in my electronic kiln.


    An Eco- friendly business

    My business is an eco-friendly and sustainable one which engages the use of materials by recycling and repurposing packaging. Packing material from recycled source is welcomed and prioritised.

    Thank you for visiting and enjoying shopping!


    Purchase Protection and refund policy

    Easily get help in the rare case that something goes wrong when shopping from a small business. What's eligible for Qi Fang Colbert Studio Purchase Protection:

    • Your item arrived damaged

    • You were sent the wrong item

    • Your item didn't arrive or was lost in the post

    Please contact me if any of the above applies and I will endeavour to rectify the situation to your satisfaction.

    When your return request is accepted, you’ll be asked to send the work of art back in it's original packaging or to the same high standard of protection to ensure it arrives safely and undamaged. Depending on the nature of the complaint, the buyer may be liable for the cost of returning the package.

    Please do feel free to send me a message via email if there’s an issue or inquiry. I will endeavour to reply ASAP. Please allow 24hs as this shop is operated on a part-time basis.

    When you send your item back make sure a tracking number is sent to me to avoid delays or issues in the refund process.

    Please keep in mind that the condition of the item you send back to me is important, so repack it carefully. If you return the item used, damaged, missing parts, or damaged during return shipping because it wasn't packaged correctly, I may beed to deduct from your refund a fee to cover the item's value. Thank you!

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